40 mm rakett Pike
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Autor:  kaur3 [ 13 Okt, 2015 9:37 ]
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Raytheon katsetab 40 mm raketti Pike, millega tabati 2 km kaugusel. Nagu arvata võib, siis kaugel asuvate väikeste sihtmärkide hävitamiseks. Javelini on liiga kallis.

Raytheon Company successfully fired two Pike 40 mm precision-guided munitions from a standard tube grenade launcher during flight tests at Mile High Resources in Texas. Both rounds landed within the targeted impact area after flying more than 2,300 yards. (2.1 km). Weighing less than two pounds and measuring just 16.8 inches (42.6 cm) in length, Pike can be fired from a conventional, single-shot grenade launcher such as the M320 or EGLM (Enhanced Grenade Launching Module). The maximum range of M320 grenade launcher is 437 Yards (350 meters).

http://defense-update.com/20151012_pike ... hymOpRXerX

“They pull out a Javelin, which is a pretty expensive weapon,” he said. “Whereas you could take one of these. I guarantee you this will be a tiny fraction of the cost of a Javelin.” The Javelin is made by Raytheon and Lockheed Martin Corp. And while the Pike will have less stopping power than the Javelin, it will feature a blast-fragmentation warhead sufficient for taking out two people behind a wall, he added.

An M203 launcher beneath an M4 rifle would need to be modified to accept the round, Smith said. “The ones that are underneath the M4 carbines now, they can’t swing out far enough to slide it in,” he said. “It only sticks out so far. So they would have to modify that.”

http://defensetech.org/2015/10/12/rayth ... -infantry/

Autor:  Kilo Tango [ 13 Okt, 2015 15:53 ]
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Huvitav, kas sellel on ainult killunev lõhkepea või universaalne (killunev ja kumulatiivne). Viimasel juhul oleks see väga tõhus ja kuluefektiivne vahend BTR-de ja BMD-de vastu.

Autor:  kaur3 [ 12 Nov, 2017 14:11 ]
Teema pealkiri:  Re: 40 mm rakett Pike

Võib jääda mulje, et Pike-taoline tehakse CG-st tulistatavaks.

9.11.2017 pressiteade.

Defence and security company Saab and Raytheon Company are teaming up to cooperate on the development of new weapons systems for infantry forces to meet near-term U.S. and international requirements. The companies will look into bringing new capabilities to Saab’s Carl-Gustaf reloadable and AT4 disposable and shoulder launched weapon systems.

http://saabgroup.com/Media/news-press/n ... elopment1/

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