Vagneri bande

Väeosadest, nende ajaloost ja traditsioonidest. Nii Eestist kui välismaalt.
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Re: Vagneri bande

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Wagneri huvid maailmas kaardile kantud, jäi eilses koka intervjuus kaadrisse. Mõned regioonid, kus nad toimetavad, pole seni avalikkuse ette sattunud.
"There are 13 countries marked with white markers, including Zimbabwe, Madagascar, the Union of the Comoros, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Guinea.
6/ "These countries are connected by the fact that Prigozhin’s political strategists were previously noticed in them, working in the elections of politicians pleasing to the Kremlin.
7/ "But in addition to African countries, white markers are also on Myanmar, Ecuador and New Zealand's Chatham Island. The activity of Prigozhin's political strategists in South America or Southeast Asia was not previously known.
8/ "There are also 12 green markers attached to the map. It was not possible to establish what kind of activity they could designate.
9/ "These colors mark both the countries of Africa, such as South Africa, Ethiopia, Gabon, Nigeria, and the states of other continents: Colombia and Bangladesh."
10/ As Verstka notes, "the activity of Prigozhin's structures in these countries of South America and Southeast Asia has not yet been reported." /end ... 5064793089

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